9 langkah untuk kulit bersih dan sehat

oleh : David Maillie*

Untuk kulit bersih dan sehat ikuti langkah-langkah berikut ini:

1) Kurangi tingkat stress anda lewat meditasi dan doa
Stres menciptakan hormon yang menambah umur kita dengan cara menghancurkan sel dan meninggalkan racun biproduct dan radikal bebas. Penelitian menunjukan bahwa berdoa dan meditasi dapat mengurangi tingkat stres. Kedua cara ini bahkan telah terbukti dapat mengurangi gejala kanker dan penyakit berbahaya lainnya.

2) Minum cukup air putih
Adalah sebuah fakta bahwa 90% dari kita kurang mengkomsumsi air. Agar sel kulit berfungsi dengan benar dan cepat sembuh dari luka iris, dll… kita membutuhkan 8-12 gelas air setiap hari. Kulit kita adalah salah satu organ penting yang melindungi kita dari penyakit.

3) Tidur yang cukup.
Kurangnya tidur selama 8-10 jam per hari akan tampak pertama kali pada kulit anda, yang mencolok sekali adalah lingkaran dibawah mata.

4) Makanan sehat
Nutrisi yang cukup. Terlalu banyak makanan cepat saji (junk foods) dapat menyebabkan atau memperburuk masalah kulit seperti pimples* and acne*. Makanan sehat yang seimbang 3 kali sehari telah terbukti akan menolong
Too many junk foods can cause or worsen skin problems like pimples and acne. A well balanced meal 3 times per day has been proven to help alleviate spikes in skin problems and help to average out the outbreaks in acne vulgaris.

5) Take vitamins to supplement your skin and body.
We can’t always make sure we get 100% of each vitamin and mineral with the foods we eat, but we can take a multivitamin once a day. They are cheap at Walmart and there is no excuse. People that take multivitamins once a day live longer. Its a proven fact just like persons that smoke take years off their lives.

6) Properly clean your skin.
Harsh soaps can dry out your skin and even stimulate further sebum (oil) production which can worsen acne. Use a mild cleanser with 2% salicylic acid. This has been proven very effective in ridding excess oils while maintaining proper hydration and pH. The slight acidity will keep bacteria at bay.

7) Don’t smoke. Smoking puts years on you.
Literally, smoking can add 10 years to the aged look of your skin. Why would you want to do that? If you must have nicotine then get nicotine gum or the patch – they will cure your cravings and there is no evidence or statistics of anyone developing cancer, lung disease, etc… from these.

8) Wear sunscreen.
The skin does have keratonin to protect against the suns rays, but it is no match for UV rays, etc… that we expose ourselves to. Melanoma has several forms and all are deadly. If you don’t think you will get skin cancer or think you are invulnerable, just go to your local dermatologist and ask to see pictures of clients with skin cancer, better yet go to the oncology center at your local hospital. You won’t think that way ever again. Wear sunscreen.

9) Treat yourself to a spa treatment atleast once a year.
Skin peels, TCA peels, deep tissue massage, complete relaxation, aromatherapy, etc… will all energize and heal your skin. TCA peels will actual improve your skins ability to regenerate itself and improve collagen levels.

Remember, follow these nine steps to enjoy healthier skin.

* David Maillie is a chemist with over 12 years experience in biochemical research and clynical analysis. He is an alumni of Cornell University and specializes in biochemical synthesis for public, private, and governmental interests.


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